Monday, October 26, 2009

Ship Sales Order

Ship the right goods to the right customers, the first time!

At the core of most businesses is the desire to provide their customers with the right goods in a timely fashion. For this reason shipping sales orders is an essential part of many operations. Perhaps our most popular functionality, ACCU-DART makes shipping orders quick, accurate, and easy.

The old way: When an order was ready to be shipped, the warehouse staff took the order, grabbed all the items, and wrote down what they shipped. At various points in the day, all the paperwork was delivered to a data entry clerk who manually entered all items into the accounting system.

The ACCU-DART way: When shipping an item, the warehouse staff simply take the order, scan each item, enter a quantity, and scan the next item. When the order is complete, they press "Post". ACCU-DART automatically updates the accounting system. There are no additional steps or manual data entry to be processed. You can also set ACCU-DART to generate invoices, etc.

In addition, ACCU-DART makes tracking serial and lot information* easy. ACCU-DART can scan, verify, and update the accounting system with the correct serial or lot information for each transaction.

The old way: manually writing down serial and lot numbers can be very time consuming and mistakes can be easily made. For example, when the warehouse staff manually ship serialized items, they write down each serial number as they pack the box, and then pass the paperwork to the office staff for entry. But what if one of the serial numbers was written down incorrectly? The staff then need to unpack and recheck the entire order, or if it's already shipped, just select another serial number even though it is incorrect. These costly mistakes lead to inventory inaccuracy.

The ACCU-DART way: ACCU-DART verifies in real time that the correct serial and lot information is being recorded. So when a serialized item is being shipped, the warehouse staff simply scan the serial numbers into the system, and it validates that this is the correct serial number. Upon posting, ACCU-DART automatically updates the accounting system with this crucial serial and lot information.

Shipping the right orders the first time can have significant benefits to your clients' bottom line. When your client ships the wrong goods to their customers, the mistake needs to be fixed, usually by resending the correct item, at the company's cost. This can negatively affect profitability many areas: they may lose long-term business by decreasing customer satisfaction; then they must pay the staff wages as they process the return and reshipment; they also will need to pay the freight charges to correct the mistake. In addition, having inaccurate inventory will lead to loss of sales and incorrect purchasing decisions, all of which affect their profitability. With ACCU-DART, your clients will reduce the number of errors made, saving countless dollars, increasing staff efficiency, and improving profitability overall.

By shipping sales orders with ACCU-DART, your clients will be able to ship the right goods to the right customers the first time, and have the information be instantly updated in the accounting system. This in turn enhances customer satisfaction, increases productivity, and improves inventory accuracy.

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* Serial and lot functionality available as separate modules for Sage Accpac ERP.

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