Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Another company go-live for Sage 300 in a challenging manufacturing requirement.

Engineer-to-order (ETO), based manufacturers face business challenges that simply cannot be resolved by traditional ERP software. Engineer-to-order companies need to be able to provide accurate cost estimates to customers, manage all aspects of complex projects, deliver on time and on budget—all while keeping a close eye on cash flow. There is intense pressure to reduce costs, shorten cycle times, while maintaining high quality. Finally, engineer-to-order companies need an accurate picture of the profitability of each job in order to comprehend the impact on the business.



Yuan Fei Engineering Sdn Bhd is a manufacturer of Engineering Equipment, Processing Plants, Pressure Vessels for the oil and gas an palm oil industries. In her quest for Digitization, engaged an external consultant to plan & specs with POC scripts for the software bidding exercises. In the final extensive POC demos Sage 300 ERP was selected over a leading American Cloud Central business solution and the German leading ERP product for SMI. Two other local products were also eliminated.

Because of CareWare focus and domain experiences in implementing systems for Project and ETO orientated companies, such as civil or mechanical engineering firm that manufacture products like capital equipment and highly engineered products, chillers, boilers, we know exactly what you need down to the last bolts and nuts. That's why our Sage 300 system was geared and customized toward this environment.

Yuen Fei Engineering stand poise to enjoy the m
any benefits of deploying Sage 300 ERP, which includes improved productivity, better tracking of cost overrun, increased efficiencies, decreased costs and streamlined processes.

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