Saturday, November 7, 2009

Sage - Peachtree Quantum Manufacturing Edition.

Peachtree by Sage - Quantum Manufacturing Edition.

I would think that this release gives the market a credible and full function manufacturing solution that integrates back to sales and accounting. Small & medium manufacturer now has an alternatives to the cumbersome big manufacturing ERP systems that requires a large teams and resources to run and managed.

Peachtree Quantum Manufacturing just hit the sweet spot, for SMALL Manufacturing companies that is not the level in terms of budget-prices or complexity. (Debatable as some small manufacturer do have complex requirements) They can’t go too entry level accounting + inventory and some bom functions throw in but they are not up to the Tier 2 ERP level.

So Sage release of Peachtree Quantum Manufacturing is just right for them. It scale from 5, 10, 20 to 40 users. Just nice for sme.

“ The new Peachtree Quantum Manufacturing Edition rounds out Sage's manufacturing portfolio by providing a powerful solution at a very affordable price and low ongoing total cost of ownership, and is designed to help manufacturers address the many varied challenges they face daily to stay ahead of their competition," said Connie Certusi, general manager, small business accounting solutions, Sage North America. "

Small to mid-sized manufacturing companies face a host of market challenges; increasing operational and material costs, along with increased competition from larger firms moving down market and pressure from global competitors. Many firms are struggling to maintain profitability with reduced headcount and in the face of inconsistent customer order volume, making it difficult to predict and keep pace with demand.

The new Peachtree Quantum Manufacturing Edition helps small- to mid-sized manufacturers face these and other challenges head on, and is ideal for job shops, custom manufacturers, and make to order and make to stock manufacturers in a variety of industries, such as electronics, medical devices, defense manufacturers, medical/control instruments, transportation, plastics, auto parts, industrial equipment producers, food industries, and process manufacturers. It provides easy to use core accounting and manufacturing functionality to companies that need an out-of-box solution, including inventory control, WIP tracking, multi-level bills of materials, multi-warehousing, work orders, and other key features, at a price small manufacturers can easily afford.

For more information on Peachtree Quamtum Manufacturing Edition visit here.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Sage ACCPAC Mobile SalesPerson - Van Sales

If your mobile sales force process orders while on the move, Sage ACCPAC Mobile SalesPerson or Van Sales solution will help boost their productivities by allowing them to process Orders and Invoices at remote locations. This solution is certified by Sage to work with your Sage ACCPAC ERP modules.

Optimized to run on the Pocket PC or PDA with Windows Mobile, Mobile SalesPerson© or Van Sales solution takes full advantage of new and unique features which provide ease-of-use through a more natural interface that is just like using pen and paper to process orders.

Developed using Sage ACCPAC SDK, it distinguishes itself from others without the need to install and customized a costly and error prone "integration" module - a costly mistake which often overlooked.

Our Mobile SalesPerson© or Van Sales solution integrates with Accpac 5.3 / 5.4 / 5.5, it enables sales force to work with customers and manage accounts in person and also have all the information they would normally need to access sitting at a desk in their office.

As a result , Mobile SalesPerson© or Van Sales solution can help salesperson better manage their daily customer visits, track POS items, take orders on the move and access information to help them up sell and cross sell with little or no learning curve– all in real time with the customer.

Mobile SalesPerson© or Van Sales solution is the perfect solution for sales professionals who need to process orders directly with their office while conducting business at a remote locations.

Key Benefits

• Increase in salesperson productivity

• Increased customer satisfaction

• No back office order entry clerk

• Instant access to customer and item information to the Salesperson on the field

• Improvement of sales force efficiency by providing access to the correct information at the right time

• Reduced manual order entry errors

• Quick order execution – no time lost due to time

• Enable seamless data flow between mobile workers and the central office

• Facilitate real time communication between the field and the central office

• Reduction in sales process cycle time

Key Features

Critical Data: Instant access to contract pricing and Item status. Complete access to customer's data that improves decision-making.

Scheduling: Route schedule organize a sale person's daily customer visit priority.

Portability: The Mobile SalesPerson© interface enables automatic updates to Order Entry completely eliminating paper work. The 2 way data flow is like carrying Accpac 5.3 / 5.4 / 5.5 Order entry on a PDA. Data transmission can be via email, wireless, activesync or Internet connection.

Security: Device level security is embedded in Mobile SalesPerson© to ensure only authorized sales people have access to confidential company data and order processing capability.

Fast/Easy: With an easy to use interface and full screen, field representatives are never more than few clicks away from necessary information.

Customer-centric: All customer information and Item details are instantly available any time, anywhere.

Reports: Printing of Sales Orders can be accomplished through hand held printers.

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