Thursday, September 29, 2016

Is Sage 300 a true ERP?

Many have said this to me, during my course of meeting with prospect with my sales team. “Sage 300 only is only strong in accounting formerly Accpac. This should tell you something”. They learned the FUD (Fear, Uncertainty & Doubt tactics) from the competitors.

While it is correct that Sage 300 started out as Accpac a financially oriented product (and is still strong there), ERP does not mean exclusively manufacturing, although manufacturing is certainly part of it.

Enterprise resource planning is an integrated software solution used to manage a company’s resources. ERP’s was preceded by MRP 1 & 2 (material requirements planning). These earlier systems had limitations addressed by a fully integrated ERP system. Today, Sage 300 ERP systems integrates, inventory, purchasing, engineering, project, distribution, customer relationship, planning, manufacturing and accounting.

So there is no shame or disadvantage to start with a good and strong foundation (accounting) on which to build upon. I can immediately name a numbers of well know ERP that started with financial systems first and grow from there. Not the other way round. Some of them are competing right here with Sage 300 SME space, yet their salesman continued with their unfounded FUD. (Fear, Uncertainty & Doubt tactics)

Sage 300 is very strong if you need complex, manufacturing accounting. After all what you do at the shop floor will impact your manufacturing accounting.

I am not an accountant, my background is more engineering based, but have the view that an integrated ERP system will be able to have the following.

Manufacturing a/c will show Manufacturing cost or Production Cost which will consist of  Raw material consumption, direct labor & overhead.

In accounting services, P&L will show Revenue less all Cos & Expenses, Cost of Goods Sold should equal to all direct operating cost.

Trading a/c will show P&L on finish good sold with include Sales, Manufacturing cost, opening & closing stock & marketing cost & expenses

Sage 300 ERP is a product that has a solid foundation on which the manufacturing modules are built upon. In the market space that I compete in my competitor’s presale usually sell on price cutting. Having seen and evaluated our competitors’ product I do think they are a good enough manufacturing system, but fortunately for us their consultants are newbie’s and seems to be repeating on how great their technology is. Rather than how good their project or manufacturing functionalities will help the end-users and shows a full cycle demo with integration up to financial reporting on manufacturing accounting.

So it comes down to supports and implementation and domain experience. I have seen a numbers of
 ERP implementations fail. If they are as good as they claim they why would they be selling on price?

The puzzle doesn’t fit here. Good product, Good after sales support, Good consultancy but cheap price- go figure.
                      Sage 300 Manufacturing Experts Excellent Award
To learn all about Sage 300 Manufacturing Solution, contact CAREWARE Manufacturing Account Manager today by calling (03 2714 3855) or by emailing  There are multiple licensing options; one is sure to be a perfect fit for your company.

Saturday, September 3, 2016

Careware - Mascot

Mascots are representations of groups and organizations such as schools, sports teams and corporations. Typical examples of mascots include people, animals or objects that embody a desired character trait or symbolize the mascot's organization and purpose.

Malaysia has used various animals as mascot such as Orangutan, (KL commonwealth Games) Mouse deer (Sukma game) to Turtle. (Monsoon cup) And off course all of us can remember the famous DiGi slightly overweight man in yellow spandex suit that epitomized DiGi liveliness and couldn’t care-less youth culture.

Mascots generally symbolize something relevant to the country (where games are held) or company in connection with company concept and ideal. The recent RIO Olympic has Vinicius as the game's mascot, a mixture of all the Brazilian animals out of the expression of joy when Brazil was selected to host the 2016 Olympic and Tom a magical creature, a fusion of all the plants in the Brazilian forest out of the explosion of happiness when we found out that the Paralympic Games were coming to Rio.  

A person, animal, or object believed to bring good luck, especially one kept as the symbol of an organization such as a sports team.

While Careware do not actually believe in lady-luck (see articles here) but, we have decided to adopt a Golden Retriever as our official Mascot.

Golden Retrievers has a kindly expression, pretty dark eyes, and a wagging tail, the Golden Retriever has captured the hearts of many. Known for its temperament, a well-bred Golden Retriever is gentle, kind, loving, happy, confident and outgoing. (See about My dogs)

Golden Retriever was chosen as Careware mascot as it portray the friendly & caring personality of the company, strong and proud and yet gentle and humble.

Rainbow-sky actually is the golden retrievers of our Managing Director and aptly use as Careware Mascot because it epitomized our character & Ideals. (See our Ideals)
A Picture of Sky Smiling after a bath. He is a handsome dog.