Monday, May 1, 2017

SAGE SOLUTIONS: Project Manufacturing

The Challenges

roject-based manufacturers such as (MTO) Manufacture-to-Oder, (ETO) Engineer-to-order, face business challenges that simply cannot be resolved by traditional ERP software.

Manufacturing-to-job companies need to be able to provide accurate cost estimates to customers, manage all aspects of complex projects, deliver on time and on budget—all while keeping a close eye on cash flow. There is intense pressure to reduce costs, shorten cycle times, while maintaining high quality.

Finally, manufacture-to-oroject companies need an accurate picture of the profitability of each project in order to comprehend the impact on the business. In many instances they also need flexible income recognition methods, progress claims based on percentage completion and support retainage accounting.

Careware Systems - is one of the leading Malaysia providers of ERP systems for:
  • Manufacture-to-order (MTO) Manufacturers
  • Engineer-to-order (ETO) Manufacturers
  • Project based Engineering Contract
Our Sage 300 ERP software was specifically suited for engineering-intensive companies.

Why a typical manufacturing ERP system won’t cut for a project based manufacturer?
Is This YOUR Company? Project based manufacturer typically involves in designing and building complex products to exact customer specifications frequently involves long lead times and heavy engineering content. 

Characteristics of Engineer-to-order, project-based, and custom manufacturers: 

Design -->  Material Order --> Fabricate --> Sub-Assembly --> Delivery -->  May have Erection at Site --> Testing Commissioning -->  Planned Maintenance.

Manufacturing to Job - Project

SAGE 300 ERP series is a sophisticated system that provides the tools necessary to manage the simplest to the most complex manufacturing contract or job. It makes the estimating, tracking, costing and billing of projects easy and manageable – simplifying cost control and planning. With the powerful features included in Job Costing, you can identify potential issues and determine success factors for any project.

Highlights: Engineer-to-order, project-based, and custom manufacturers typically have most of these characteristics:

The Engineering difference:

  • Assign staff, material, subcontractors, equipment, miscellaneous items and overhead to each manufacturing job/project within the contract. 
  • Set up complex estimates by specifying the quantity (for example, hours), unit cost and billing rate (for time and materials projects) for each staff member, material (inventory item), subcontractor, equipment, miscellaneous item and overhead expense allocated to a manufacturing job. Assign the cost categories to which they apply to automatically calculate cost and revenue estimates for each cost category, or simply define the cost and revenue estimates for each category within a manufacturing job. 
  • You can track cost overrun on line as the cost & requisition come in and added to the job process.
  • Integrates with all departments and modules for efficient, streamlined process throughout the company.
  • Electronically route purchasing workflows & documents to the appropriate approval authority for fast operation.
Integrates Solution
s with SAGE 300 ERP modules General Ledger, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Inventory Control and Purchase Order, Manufacturing Order, Budgetary Control & Funds Availability. Integrates with Microsoft Project for additional control of your projects and resources.

Sage 300 ERP that is remarkably suited for the project base manufacturer (MTO/ETO/MTP) which is project manufacturing accounting centric solution. With Sage 300 job based manufacturing solution,  you are really to face the future.
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There are multiple licensing options; one is sure to be a perfect fit for your company.

ERP Survey for Malaysia - Small Medium Industry.

In 2016 a survey was done among Small Medium Manufacturers in Malaysia on what are the obstacles that hinder SMI to adopt ERP software and what are the requirements they are looking for.
(A total of about 950 companies were called upon of which 55% participated in the survey.)

e feed backs weren’t surprising. Among what users want, according to the survey, are more flexible and accessible ERP that will enable company executives to access information via tablets and smartphones.

Here are the most important considerations for future ERP implementations," as ranked by survey respondents, are:Their Requirements:

  • They want an ERP to have a built-in manufacturing solution & fully integrated.
  • They want the manufacturing system to be easy to use.
  • They want a short time to benefit from the whole manufacturing project. (Most says in 2-3 months.)
  • They want a cost-effective solution with flexible deployment. (Premise/Cloud & mobile Access) 
Their Challenges:
  • The cost issue (ERP that cost up to ½ million> is way beyond the affordability of SME)
  • The software & support issue (ERP that is too complex & take years to implement. The consultant is too new or do not have the domain experience)
  • The people issue. (Knowledgeable staffs are hard to come by and problem of staffs turnover)
Assuming that cost & support issues can be mitigated by the affordable Sage 300 Manufacturing Systems and vendor domain experience, staff turnover is a serious concern for manufacturing industries. And many companies do not have a formalized and documented policy and process guide. 

Sage 300 Visual Process Flows

Sage 300 ERP has a new feature that helps reduce time navigating business processes by providing a graphical process-oriented interface that illustrates the steps and tools required to complete a task. Pre-defined process flows can be used, or you can easily create custom process flows specific to your business. These process flows are invaluable for new employees who are not familiar with the product or your specific manufacturing processes.

Sage 300 Manufacturing Visual Process Flows

So you have it:  the Sage 300 Manufacturing System
 – the Powerful … Affordable … Easy … ERP for the Malaysian manufacturing companies.
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To learn all about Sage Manufacturing Solutions  contact CAREWARE Manufacturing Account Manager today by calling (03) 27143855 or by emailing 
There are multiple licensing options; one is sure to be a perfect fit for your company.