Thursday, June 22, 2017

So you have a failed ERP implementation!

So you have a failed ERP implementation and are on the market for replacement.

Here's some advice about the process, not related to any product:
  1. Go back and figure out why you selected XYZ ERP to begin with.
  2. Was it because it was a famous brand name?
  3. Was because they give it to you at a rock bottom price? 
  4. Was it because the salesman promised that his ERP can do anything and everything?
  5. Because it was decided at HQ high level and forced upon you?
Anything that didn't consider whether it solved your business problems is going to cause this situation.

So what’s the best way to find the ERP solution that’s going to be the best fit for your organization?

What You Need vs. What You Want

  1. Then go back to your list of business needs and the problems you want solved and figure out what went wrong in the solution you picked so you don't do that again.
  2. Pick and prioritize your features- You’ve identified the pain now choose the pill. Which features will eliminate the pain, accounting, job costing, order entry or maybe its production planning.
  3. Now, with those requirements and problems to be solved in hand, go back again to other products catering to your industries.
  4. Compare again, and talk to some companies using those products. Ask those companies how well the product deals with the requirements/issues you have. How is the ERP vendors implementations team experiences.
  5. Repeat - Select again.
Wish You Success!!
QOUTE – “Gaps in the Technical Requirements accounted for more than 70% of program problems” —United States Government Accountability Office.

Sage 300 ERP for the Project & Construction Businesses.

Sage 300 Project is a tested and proven solutions is now in the latest version of Project Job Cost v. 2017, which caters for Engineering Services and Project Consulting companies across disciplines, namely, electrical, mechanical, electronics, construction, architectural and those addressing infrastructure. These companies execute projects wherein tracking ‘project budget’ and ‘actuals’ for materials, labour, revenue and other expenses is essential.

Companies in this business segment execute a wide range of projects across industry verticals, which make it important for them to adopt best practices.
Careware helps you to control & meet your tightest deadlines and standards.

“We are very focused on this segment and have built up domain expertise with our implementation across various projects, such as engineering, construction and professional service based industries.”

Careware believes in adding value to its customers and will continue taking a ‘solutions approach’ to address the needs of this segment. We already have a number of customers in the region using Sage 300 ERP with our Project and Job costing solution to produce timely project accounting reports. This is a unique offering from Sage and differentiates us in the marketplace for small and medium businesses.

Challenges in Construction and Engineering Projects:

When you manage revenue and costs for project-based business, you cannot afford to let a job get in the red because of missing information or late-breaking, unrecorded changes, holding cost resulting from theft, and overstocking of raw material. On the other hand, you also cannot afford to spend every second of your time entering and updating data, chasing a constantly moving target.
With Sage 300 Project & Job Costing you can:
  • Control the level of details to which costs are tracked.
  • Automatically allocate indirect costs, employee benefits & recognize revenue.
  • Manage subcontracts, job costing, profit analysis, and variance tracking.
  • Monitor and manage billing; collection and cost overrun.
To integrate and synchronize the cooperation among all operational units as:
  •  Project and Procurement.
  •  Payment and Sub-contractor.
  •  Billing and WIP.
  •  Inventory and Job Allocation.
  •  Operation and Accounting.
Industries Served:
  •  Construction – Building & Civil Engineering
  •  Engineering Contracting – M & E Engineering
  •  Shipbuilding & Oil Platform – Commercial
  •  Power & Telephone Tower – Fabrication & Erection
  •  Professional Service – Consultant Engineers & Accounting
  •  Service Providers – Service and Maintenance
Project Visual Process Flow.
Contact CAREWARE’s today. To learn all about Sage 300 Project ERP Solutions contact CAREWARE Account Manager today by calling (03) 27143855 or by emailing There are multiple licensing options; one is sure to be a perfect fit for your company.