Saturday, July 16, 2011

Sage Summit 2011

It seem that one big announcement at Sage Summit 2011 conference that was held at Washington DC at the Gaylord Convention Center was streamlining the brand Sage across all the products. How and when this is going to take place perhaps we in Asia will be able to get a better picture of it in our own Asia Summit 2011 at Bangkok, Thailand scheduled in October.

Stephen Smith's blog about it and provide an excerps of the announcement in the keynote by Pascal Houlin's below:


In Pascal Houillon’s opening keynote, the first big announcement was the product branding announcement. Basically we have been marketing our products as things like Sage ERP MAS, Sage ERP Accpac, Sage Simply Accounting, Sage Peachtree, Sage Act!,Sage Saleslogix, etc. Now we are going to drop all the legacy product names (the MAS, Accpac, Peachtree, Act! part) and now combine all the separate marketing programs into one that will be focused on promoting the “Sage” brand. When partners are pursuing a new leads, often they will be competing with Microsoft, SAP or Oracle. All these companies have a strong brand and the customer will have heard of them. Having to establish who Sage is and what the company does puts you at a disadvantage. The primary goal of this change is to make Sage a well-known and respected company within North America like it is in many other parts of the world. The branding change allows us to combine our separate product marketing resources and launch large scale campaigns across North America that promote the Sage brand and as a consequence all the separate Sage products. Now hopefully when you are pursuing a new customer, they will already know who Sage is, and be willing to enter into a business relationship based on that knowledge. The other thing this does is help with cross-sell. Often if a customer has a Sage ERP product then we would like to sell them a Sage CRM or Sage HR product. But as it stands today the customer thinks they have MAS or Accpac and then selling them Abra or Saleslogix appears like completely unrelated products. We would rather they think they have Sage ERP and adding Sage CRM or Sage HR is just a natural thing to do.

Anyway there is a lot of emotion associated with all the individual Sage product brands, but it seems like here at the conference once people have a chance to think about these changes they see how they can benefit them.

REad all about it here at Stephen Smith's Blog :

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Service Manager 6.0A Release, Tuesday July 5th 2011.

Service Manager 6.0A Release, Tuesday July 5th 2011.

Technisoft would like to announce the release of Service Manager 6.0

Service Manager 6.0A contains all features introduced in the recently released 5.6B version. See the What's New in 6.0A for a brief list of those features.

Service Manager 6.0A also supports the new Fiscal Calendar that lets you lock and unlock fiscal years and periods separately for each Sage ERP Accpac program your company uses to process transactions.

We encourage all our Business Partners with customers using Service Manager 5.6A with Sage Accpac 6.0A to upgrade those clients to Service Manager 6.0A to maintain continuity immediately.

Those Business Partners that recently installed new Service Manager 5.6B sites, or recently upgraded customers to Service Manager 5.6B with Sage Accpac 6.0A, should consider upgrading to Service Manager 6.0A as well.

We also encourage all Service Manager 5.6A users to consider upgrading your customers to Service Manager 5.6B or 6.0A as soon as possible please, as these later versions contain many new features that are likely to be of great benefit to your them.

Note: Service Manager programs do not run in the 6.0 Sage Accpac Web Portal and must be run from the Sage Accpac System Manager Desktop.


UMW Equipment, the regional’s leading distributer  of Toyota Forklift and industrial equipments, selected Careware Systems to implemented Sage Accpac ERP with Service Manage add-on from Technisoft.

UMW Equipment, a wholly-owned subsidiary of UMW Group today signed the agreement for the supply and implementation of Sage Accpac ERP with Service Manager from Technisoft. Careware will provide the consultancy and customization of the entire suites of Sage Accpac ERP that is specially geared toward a service orientated business.

This is In line with the growth projection and in improving operational efficiency, productivity and streamlining the technology processes to accommodate future growth.

According to the General Manager for project who oversee the selections and implementation process, "UMW selected Sage Accpac ERP because it meets the sophisticated needs of UMW Equipment in the forklift and heavy equipment business which tracks sales, rental agreement, service agreement, complex configuration and warranty tracking which was catered for in its Service Manger module. With Service Manager we can also track WIP, tools and labor hour efficiency of individual or groups of service technicians. All these are fully integrated to the solid accounting functionality that Sage Accpac is renowned for. We believe that with the systems in place, it will go a long way to increase our competitiveness in the market place."

The agreement was signed by Mr. Lee Chin Min, Director of UMW Equipment & Engineering PTE. LTD and Robert Tan the Managing Partner of Careware Systems Sdn Bhd in a simple signing ceremony held at UMW premise.

“The solutions we offer is will be a multi-phase implementation and will be rolled out first in the Head quarter and then to other major branch offices throughout the country. We believe in a partnership for a win-win situation with UMW and we are proud to be associated with an illustrious company as UMW Equipment. We are committed to the successful implementation of the Sage Accpac ERP solution. As our customer success is our success.” says Robert Tan, Managing Partner, Careware.
About CareWare Systems : Through its partnership with Sage, CareWare Systems helps small and mid-size companies in Malaysia reach productivity levels at the top of their respective industries. CareWare represents a variety of business management software including Sage Accpac ERP, SageCRM, and Technisoft Service Manager Software. For companies interested in growth, profitability and superior software support, CareWare is the Sage business partner for you. For more information, please visit our website: