Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Are you in the Cloud?

Unless you are doing business on another planet, you surely have heard the term Cloud Computing, Cloud ERP, Cloud Accounting. You may also have heard of some horror stories of the early adopters of cloud ERP.  Now let’s not cloud the issues and let us separate the reality from the hype.

- Dial up access to the internet is not enough. It takes cable, DSL, or business class high-speed internet access to make web-based ERP work at acceptable levels of performance. If you have dial-up access, don't even bother.
Reliability - Web-based accounting relies 100% on the internet being up and running and available. I can assure you, the internet is not always up and running and available. Ask yourself, how many times has your internet access been down this year? If the internet is down - you are down, and most likely your business is down as well.  

Who can blame a CFO for being reluctant to go through it all over again — even if the ERP that’s currently in place is cumbersome to customize, update, and maintain?
Companies still running on-premise ERP software have some difficult choices ahead. The most difficult of those being deciding whether to stay with their on-premise investment or making the choice to keep up with current technology and migrate to a brand new system.
The good news is that, Sage 300 (Accpac) which has been around for decades have kept pace with the current technology and emergence of Hybrid cloud, HTML 5, etc, moving to a new ERP solution doesn’t have to be the high-risk proposition it once was. If you’re dead-set on using an on-premise solution, you still have that option when using Sage 300 as your ERP. But you also have the option to access your Sage 300 system from the cloud as well.

Upgrade to the new Sage 300 2017
The main difference from the standard Sage 300 product is that Sage 300c features a totally new and modern Web user interface along with unique screen and desktop personalization options. The new interface is also designed around mobile technology so you get a more modern Sage 300 experience across multiple devices from your desktop or laptop to your mobile phone or tablet.

Choice of Deployment
Sage 300 2017 -   
A hybrid cloud approach enables the best of both worlds, delivering cloud-like flexibility, with the confidence of on-site hardware. The low cost of entry and flexibility of the cloud paired with the stability and comfort of on-premises hardware make this a very attractive model for many businesses.

Sage 300c 2017 – access via your browser anytime, anywhere and any devices.

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