Friday, February 22, 2019

Why is Sage 300c Project is a better choice for you than generic ERP?

Project-based companies have their own distinct needs and requirements, and most generic ERP struggles to meet the requirements of a project base firm. They are not designed to capture cost in project-based environment like engineering procure fabrication, engineering services or construction company.

Project accountant needs to be able to the see nature of expenses, resources and time and materials cost to complete the project, variation- orders and sub-contractor cost for the project and Job-in-progress, billing and to manage cost overrun. 
Sage 300-ERP Project & Resource Manager has all the tools and features you need to make sure every job is profitable and efficient.

If you are struggling with your current system, give us a call, we want to help you!

Saturday, January 12, 2019

What,s New in Sage 300 ver. 2019?

See the New Features in the Latest Release of Sage 300

Sage announced it will be releasing the all new version of Sage 300  / Sage 300c v2019 on August 20, 2018. In this informative webinar session, we’ll review all the new features in this latest release.
Sage 300 and Sage 300c version 2019 is focused on these 3 primary themes:

  • Improved & Modernized Technical Architecture – Several older technologies within the Sage 300 architecture have been retired and replaced, improving performance, scalability and security.
  • Improved Company-wide Business Visibility – A new Global Search utility allows customers to quickly search across all records and transactions, and drill down into results.
  • Streamline Business Activities – An entirely new integration with Sage CRM allows Sage 300 customers to gain better business insight, increase team productivity and unlock the secret of customer success.
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Friday, November 30, 2018

Simplify Your Operations with Sage 300 Food & Chemical Manufacturing System.

When you're in the food or chemical industry, your business is defined by strict compliance standards, low profit margins, intense competition, and high customer-service expectations. How effectively you meet these challenges can determine whether or not your company is successful.

That is why our Food & Chemical
Distribution & Manufacturing solution offers:

  • Better information visibility to improve your responsiveness and agility
  • Improve Quality  with recipe control and full traceability
·   Streamline operation  with food safety regulations
·    Boost inventory turnover and materials management
·     Manage expiration dates and recall date  to minimize waste

·     Improved integration and consolidation of your business process to reduce redundancy, maintenance needs and cost.

Careware has many successfully implemented Sage 300 for Chemical and Food industry with fully-integrated solution that is easy to use, and inexpensive to operate. Give us a call you will be pleasantly surprise with the cost effective solution.
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Tuesday, October 9, 2018

SAGE CRM – Seamless Integration to Sage 300 ERP

Bring together every area of your business including sales, finance, operations, marketing and customer service.

       Improve collaboration across teams by enabling related data sharing across different departments
       Reduce duplication work by giving employees a means of updating a single, central database.
       Make more informed business decisions by providing managers a better view of the business and of customers.
       Drive profitability with more productive employees and efficient business processes.

Accelerate your sales performance
Key features
       Sales force automation
       Opportunity and pipeline management
       Forecasting and reporting
       Sales manager dashboards
       Quotes and orders
       Territory management
       Sales workflow
       Lead management
       Calendar management
       Fully featured mobile CRM
       Dedicated sales apps

Targeted measurable marketing
Key features

       Campaign management
       Campaign reporting and analysis
       Marketing dashboard
       List segmentation
       Rapid lead to opportunity management
       Campaign cloning
       Integrated telesales follow-up
       Reporting and analysis
       Email marketing
       Social CRM

Deliver exceptional Customer Service
Key features

       Case management
       Escalation and notification alerts
       Knowledge base management
       Workflow approval process
       Customer service dashboard
       Detailed analysis on call volumes and case resolution
       Traffic light monitoring
       Staff performance monitoring
       Service Reporting

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Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Sage 300 Manufacturing - Quality Control

We are pleased to announce the release of Sage 300 Quality Control (Q/L) module.

With Sage 300 Quality Control:

1. Purchased goods or manufactured products are automatically quarantined into a QC location upon receipt
2. Allows easy tracking of pending QC records
3. Posting of QC Accept, Reject or Scrap transactions by designated QC teams
4. Recording of QC test results with attachments
5. QC history in terms of item, vendor and user
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Monday, May 14, 2018

Asset Management for Sage 300 ERP

Asset Management for Sage 300 ERP

 Complete Solutions:  Accounting-Tracking-Maintenance-Leasing.

Norming Asset Management is a powerful and complete asset management solution on Sage 300 ERP.  The core module; Asset Accounting is used to process the entire asset accounting transactions, including acquisition, depreciation, adjustment, disposal, merge and split. You can add additional modules as Asset Tracking, Asset Maintenance and Asset Leasing which can be used to facilitate the maintenance and lease management.

New Version Highlight - eTracker

Norming Asset Management has provided asset tracking solution on barcode scanner and RFID reader. Now you have another choice: use mobile device as a barcode scanner or QR code reader. Norming eTracker is a 
mobile based tracking tool that is available on Apple Store and Google Play. It helps you to Track where your fixed assets are, who has your assets, and when your assets are due back. 


1. Adds the description field for asset unit.

Asset Accounting Module:

1. Acquisition transactions can be processed in prior year. 
2. Passes the P/O invoice number on to the Asset Register for aquisition with P/O Invoice method.
3. Depreciation can be processed across years.
4. Depreciation reversal can be processed across years.
5. Enhances the Bulk Disposal functionality by providing the I/C processing method.
6. Improves the Split functionality to allow to maintain more asset’s information.
7. Enhances the Asset Listing and Asset Schedule reports by providing more 'Sort By' and 'Filter By' options.
8. Provides the 'Post All' features for all the batches. 

Asset Maintenance Module:

1. Enhances the Maintenance Order with the following improvements: 
    1.1. Documents can be attached to a started maintenance order.
    1.2. Comments can be added for ‘Start’, ‘Close’ and ‘Void’ action on the Maintenance Order screen, and history record will be generated accordingly.

Asset Tracking Module:

1. Provides Mobile app(named as Norming eTracker) for real-time Asset Tracking.
2. Supports the QR codes scanning.
3. Supports the RFID(Radio-frequency identification) scanning.
4. More scanner brands & models can be supported.

Asset Leasing Module:

Based on the Asset Accounting module, the Asset Leasing module can be used to manage
the asset leasing activity, and to process lease billing transaction with the Sage 300 ERP
Series Account Receivable module.

System Requirements:

Asset Management 2018 requires Sage 300 2016(or later) and User-LANPAK.
In addition:
If you use General Ledger, you need General Ledger 2016 or later.
If you use Account Payable, you need Account Payable 2016 or later.
If you use Account Receivable, you need Account Receivable 2016 or later.
If you use Purchase Order, you need Purchase Order 2016 or later.
If you use Inventory Control, you need Inventory Control 2016 or later.
If you use Projection Job Costing, you need Projection Job Costing 2016 or later.

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Thursday, April 26, 2018

So You Are Confused By Manufacturing Acronyms.

The enterprise software space has hundreds of three-letter or more acronyms—from ERP, MPS, MRP and MOM to MES ext.……—that represent technologies that help make managing business processes easier.

 An ERP system in their comprehensiveness should broadly covers: Accounting, Sales and Distribution, Purchasing Planning, Production Planning, Shop Floor Control, and Logistics.

Here are ten (10) TERMS & ACRONYMS usually used by ERP sales personnel or consultants. It is SIMPLIFIED so that non-technical people won’t get lost in the alphabet soup of software and technology.

These are not originally mine, as I have
gather the terms & acronyms from reading and around the internet resources. (Just google manufacturing terms & acronyms-you will get plenty resources.)


1. MRP - Material Requirement Planning.

A set of technique in managing the inventory, multi-level bills of material, purchasing. All three functions are integrated to produce a time-phase plan showing timing and quantity of material requires supporting the MPS.

2. MPS - Master Production Schedule

The integration of MPS should provide time phase production plan, it will analyze the inventory, bom, and create the necessary purchase orders and work orders. It is a record representing the quantities and timing of producing deliverable goods manufacturing facilities has the capacity to make.

3. SFC – Shop Floor Control

 The Shop Floor Control allows users to record time entries and shop transactions of manufacturing operations.  It provides detailed production data between the releases of the manufacturing order to the completion of the production run.   It is basically a online production log.

4. BOM - Bills of Material

A finished product or subassembly with a list of components parts or recipe which provide parent child relationships.

5. JIT - Just-in-Time

A operation concept refers to the movements of material at the necessary place at the necessary time. The implication is that each operation is closely synchronized with the subsequent one to make that a zero inventory, stockless production.

6. SPC - Statistical Process Control

A quality control methodology which focuses on continuous monitoring the production process itself rather than post-production inspection of the item produced. The intent not to produce any defective items, by stopping the process before it drifts out of control

7. TQC - Total Quality Control

An approach encompassing all phases of a manufacturing organization, from design engineering to delivery, that attempt to eliminate defect. Its includes; process control, easy-to-see quality, compliance to spec, etc.

8.  Cycle Count

A priority based inventory count verification process which often integrated with ABC items classification with period date control counting.

9. ABC - ABC Analysis

A process of sorting the total inventory into three classes- A or B or C based on the dollar value volume of usage, normally over a full year. Normally the top 5 to 10 % of the total inventory will represent 90 % of the Total inventory value and thus be class A items. “A” items should be given the highest degree of attention because it represent a high proportion of the total investment in inventory.

10. Lean

Lean is a strategy and generally is not an ERP product function or module.  It means optimizing your process and keeping inventory as low as possible and reducing waste at every step. Off course the purist would insist on mimicking the kanban card systems.

That is what Sage Manufacturing helps you to achieve. (haha!  Can’t help it but to inject this.)
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