Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Service Manager 6.0A Release, Tuesday July 5th 2011.

Service Manager 6.0A Release, Tuesday July 5th 2011.

Technisoft would like to announce the release of Service Manager 6.0

Service Manager 6.0A contains all features introduced in the recently released 5.6B version. See the What's New in 6.0A for a brief list of those features.

Service Manager 6.0A also supports the new Fiscal Calendar that lets you lock and unlock fiscal years and periods separately for each Sage ERP Accpac program your company uses to process transactions.

We encourage all our Business Partners with customers using Service Manager 5.6A with Sage Accpac 6.0A to upgrade those clients to Service Manager 6.0A to maintain continuity immediately.

Those Business Partners that recently installed new Service Manager 5.6B sites, or recently upgraded customers to Service Manager 5.6B with Sage Accpac 6.0A, should consider upgrading to Service Manager 6.0A as well.

We also encourage all Service Manager 5.6A users to consider upgrading your customers to Service Manager 5.6B or 6.0A as soon as possible please, as these later versions contain many new features that are likely to be of great benefit to your them.

Note: Service Manager programs do not run in the 6.0 Sage Accpac Web Portal and must be run from the Sage Accpac System Manager Desktop.

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