Monday, October 26, 2009

Bin Tracking

Make Bin Tracking easy and efficient with ACCU-DART!

The ability to identify what items are in which bins can be of substantial benefit to many organizations. Attempting to track bins without a real-time radio-frequency system can be incredibly difficult:
The Old Way: Your clients may be storing their inventory in bins, but not tracking this information in their accounting system. If they are tracking bin information in the accounting system, they may be recording this manually. Every time an item is picked for shipping, or moved from one bin to another, the warehouse staff manually record what bin the item was taken from and where it is going. This information is then entered into the accounting system. Because bin movements are not being recorded in real-time, errors are easily made and inventory is constantly out of date. The usefulness of bin information is greatly reduced.

The Sage Accpac Way: With ACCU-DART, when an item is picked for shipping, or for any other bin movement, the warehouse staff scan the items with radio-frequency scanners. ACCU-DART will prompt the user to enter the current bin they are taking the items from, and the "destination" bin - either another bin (for bin transfers), or a shipping area (for picking orders) etc. ACCU-DART validates and, upon posting, automatically updates the accounting system in real-time.

For Sage Accpac ERP users, this functionality is available through integration with the Bin Tracking solution designed by Orchid Systems. This new third-party solution allows Sage Accpac ERP users to track inventory items stored in multiple bins within a warehouse or Inventory Control Location. For more information, please visit

ACCU-DART makes it easy to maintain inventory and bin accuracy within the warehouse. For more information about ACCU-DART, please visit .

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