Monday, October 26, 2009

Physical Inventory Count

Physical counts can be one of the most time-consuming and tedious tasks in a warehouse.

Traditionally, all inventory transactions are put on hold for up to several days while the warehouse staff count and record every item in stock, and then manually update the accounting system with the latest inventory levels. This slow process can also lead to numerous inaccuracies - data can be lost in translation from the original count, to the paper, to the computer system. If your client needs to record lots or serial numbers, this problem becomes even worse: hand-writing long serial/lot numbers for each item is both exceptionally time-consuming and can lead to countless mistakes.

Using radio-frequency scanners, ACCU-DART improves accuracy and timeliness for updating inventory counts.

When performing physical counts with ACCU-DART, the warehouse staff scan the items and quantities (as well as serial or lot numbers, where appropriate) as they count. Once all items have been scanned, the data is updated in the accounting system. By scanning barcodes for the items (and serial/lot numbers), ACCU-DART ensures that the correct information is recorded in the accounting system. This module can also be used to perform periodic cycle counts.

Scanning items for physical count also saves countless man-hours. One ACCU-DART client - with several warehouses across the country - used to take 4 days to count their inventory and get it into the system. With ACCU-DART, it took less than a single day.

By performing physical counts with ACCU-DART, your client will be able to quickly and accurately manage their inventory in the warehouse.

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