Thursday, March 22, 2018

Simplify Simplify Simplify

Simplicity is the Soul of Efficiency.
                                                         Austin Freeman

Sage Visual Flow help to simplify organize and optimize a working environment.

Back to basics:
Don’t make the mistake in thinking that a big complex ERP is the panacea for the ills in your organization. (
Some ERP are just too weighty and complex for the average user to use & navigate.)

Determining Waste
In order to maximize your manufacturing practices, you’ll need to determine the different embodiments of product and operational waste. By reducing these, you’ll create an efficient process capable of boosting your company’s return on investment.

Inventory Waste
Overproduction Waste 
Time Waste
 Defect Waste
 Work Waste

Consolidate & simplify your processes, materials, and equipment, and move forward with a high-value approach to manufacturing – Sage Manufacturing Solutions.

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