Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Wrong ERP Questions.

Very often I hear people ask the question on the strength and weakness of an ERP system. (a YES & NO Checkbox - and we are better!) This is the wrong or improper question in my opinion. One should not be looking for the strengths and weaknesses in the software. Instead, you should analyse how well the software fits your business needs.

Your company cannot exploit the software strengths if they are not in an area you need to use. As an example, there are strong project functionalities in Sage 300 but that probably will not help you if you are a company that manufactures & distributes tea or shampoo. 
A weakness in ERP might be its use of inventory attributes, which may not affect you, if you manufacture bicycle. So what value does such an exercise provide? Most probably none! 

There are few proven paths to finding a software fit. There is one "known" way to find software that fits your business and that is to have the sales team demonstrate your processes in their software. And, I would not suggest using all of your processes, just the most important of those.  So, how do you learn your important processes?

Ingredient for successful selection & implementation

* Top Management Commitment / Lower Management Co-operation.
* Involvement of the Account dept, Production dept and sales/distribution dept.
* Co-operation of every dept to product accurate and reliable Inventory data.
* Lean (Simplify) your current processes
* Don’t look for the perfect software.
* Select software that fits those most important parts of the business.
* Realistic goals of the Software.

Experience has shown that the successful organizations are those who have addressed a much wider range of issues other than just hardware and software. These organizations have defined at the outset how the system would be applied to gain maximum advantage.

They then systematically tackle all the technical and non-technical issues, involving people, organization, working practices, and physical layout, and establish an appropriate environment to support the system.

A successfully implementation invariably reflects the organization's ability to manage change and early recognition that it involve much more than installing computer systems and effective pre-planning.


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