Monday, October 2, 2017

What is the Difference between Sage 300 Lot and Serial Numbers?

Sage 300 Serialized Inventory & Lot Tracking has been used frequently to track products throughout the receiving and sales process. However, there is an important distinction between lot tracking and serialization.

The Lot (or batch number) is a number assigned to a group of products for which are common with specific properties. There is a one-to-many relationship as many products can have the same lot ID. Batch numbers typically provide additional functionality for tracking manufactured date, expiry dates and other more detailed information. Typically used in the food manufacturing or distribution business.

For Example, a food company could make 1,000 cans of sardines in an 8-hour shift.  Each can’ would be labels with the same lot id used to track the manufacturing date or expiry date. While Pharmaceutical companies have analogous tracking requirements for their drugs as required by our government - the ability to keep track of stock by lot throughout the supply chain processes and the expiry and recall dates is a mandated requirement.

Sage 300 -  Lot Tracking traces lots back to your vendors and delivery of products to your clients to help comply with regulatory requirements and to provide better service.

Sage 300 serialized Inventory allows properties that can be different for stock items of the same product. Unlike lot ids, there is a one-to-one relationship as a unique number is assigned to a single product. No other product can exist with the same serial number. Typically used in the machines manufacturer or distributer.

It helps in keeping track of warranty period and service history. If a medical device company is making
Electrocardiograph, each ECG machine model is packaged with its own kits and accessories, and each of its components that make up the KIT has it owned serial numbers. You may group each items with its own serial number together as a set for sale or individually.

When creating sales order for a product, you typically may commit the specific serial number of the product based on your available stock’s serial numbers at hand or in some operation you may make a sales order for the ECG machine, but you wouldn't specify the serial numbers at the time of making a sales order; you would specify them when you make the shipment.

Sage 300 - Serialized Inventory tracks serial numbers from Purchase Orders to Inventory Control to Order Entry and historical inquiry; assigns system-generated serial numbers to items not serialized at the time of receipt. 

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