Friday, November 5, 2010


CAREWARE launched the One (1) Solution Concept.

The challenge involved in establishing a computer Client Server Network System and Web Deployment from initial planning to the final up and running system is opened to a selected few and as you know from your experience, the reward is euphoric.

No doubt about it, the Multi user Software has become essential! But the right product choices must be made and all the elements unit function together harmoniously and efficiently

It has now become obvious that designing an Enterprise Wide system involves half a dozen different firms, each supplying any of the items or services described above. Every one of the components is essential for the support of your computer system.

Recognizing these enormous disadvantages of dealing with several different firms and point of responsibilities which could prove detrimental to the Enterprise System, Careware put together a team of experts, a group of TOTALLY dedicated, specialized and trained personnel to offer the CAREWARE ONE (1) SOLUTION and TOTAL SUPPORT for our customers..

The Careware approach is unique, a single source for a ONE (1) Solution, from design, preparation, management, control and planned maintenance of both Hardware and ERP Software.

CAREWARE specialized IT systems engineers helps you design, install and maintain your IT infrastructure while enabling you to resolve your day-to-day business challenges. Each of our network consultants are technically experienced and certified, providing you with the benefits of new and emerging technologies together with consulting services.

Together with our Sage Accpac ERP and Sage CRM solutions, we offers a complete IT infrastructure on which your ERP and CRM software can operate with optimum performance and data integrity in a secure, effective business environment.

CAREWARE's One (1) solutions include:-

- Designing, installing and managing LAN/WAN
- Providing remote access solutions for Sage Accpac ERP and Sage CRM
- Troubleshooting application and network connectivity issues
- Providing performance fine tuning on network, applications and database
- Support IBM, HP, Cisco & D-Link routers, etc.

We will provide your company with the absolute highest level of technology support so you have only ONE (1) company to count on for all of your technology needs.

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