Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I am reading - Good to Great

I am now reading Jim Collins book, “Good to Great.” A good read I suppose, but find the concept level 5 leadership hard to fathom initially. As I progress in reading it becomes clearer and clearer. The book contains lots of good principles and concepts. From Level % leadership -> Hedgehog -> Flywheel. It is a good read and having sold to date more than 3 million copies worldwide there must be some worth to reading it.

Jim Collins teams research the fortune 500 listed companies for years. As there are published data and interviews to based on. It makes to feel that surely there must be some Great Small Companies out there.

To me, reading a management/business books is somewhat similar to the act of going to church … you know the core principles but you need to listen and internalize the subtle nuances so that you truly stay on the right path.
So far as I progress in reading the picture becomes clearer.

Level 5 Leadership built a team of capable executives.
He is usually not egoistic, The “I” word is seldom used but the” we” word is often used.
He assembled the right people in the “bus”
Usually has a succession plan in place.

Level 1-4 Leadership built only himself.(He is usually a genius, capable and charismatic)
Consider himself as God gifts to the company. I able to do this, I, I, I is often his vocabulary.
He doesn’t have a team of executive but a 1000 “helper.”
He usually set the route for the whole company without much consultation.
When he leaves the whole company crumbles.

As I read through the “Good to Great” in between appointments & seminars, (3/4 way through)

Come to a realization that Careware is actually following the “Hedgehog” principles all the while. We do not get sidetrack with all the noise in the ERP world, but focus on Sage Accpac and what we do best for our customers. No wonder in a small market in Malaysia, we are consistently number ONE for 10 years plus. No wonder we are among the Top Business Partners in Asia.

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