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Sage Business Solutions – Spotlight on: Manufacturing

Manufacturing company has unique business processes that revolve around generally accepted manufacturing principles. SME in particular face new challenges in today globalization of market. Evolving a manufacturing company to a new level of growth is more challenging than ever. To achieve growth goal in the world that is increasingly complex and globally competitive, manufacturer need to implement and share common manufacturing processes and systems. Manufacture globally at a lower cost and rely on a flexible system that enable advanced approaches like demand driven, lead and outsource manufacturing.

Sage Manufacturing Solution solves these challenges. And it does so with a comprehensive solution that is both easier to use and less expensive than the alternative.

Accpac is probably the most well known in the world of Financial Accounting. And for good reason most ERP software out there in the market started out with the Accounting modules and add on other functionalities or modules in due time. After all the foundation of the entire business application is the accounting as all will finally integrate to it. On top of my head right away I can think of at least three (3) well known brands of ERP that started off that way.

The creator of the world’s most popular accounting software is now increasing its offerings for business solutions for small and mid size companies in Asia. Sage works through a network of world-wide Partners and Developers who are the leaders in their area and often specialize in particular vertical industries. This means that Sage customers get the best of global software coupled with local support. These best of breed manufacturing system like Misys is the endorsed solution of choice for the Sage Accpac series. It is not a bolt on solutions but an integral solution with the same look and feel of Accpac. MISys has more than 25 years experiences in developing the Manufacturing modules for Accpac and it is a stable and proven solution with over 7,800 installations worldwide.

Careware being the Top Premier Partner for Sage in the region is well suited to provide manufacturing solutions for the SME in Malaysia. Careware’s manufacturing domain experiences is unparallel in Malaysia as it managements comes from difference disciplines such as mechanical engineering in manufacturing and project, accounting and programming background. These synergy and years of cumulative domain experiences enable Careware to provide a total solutions for the manufacturing segments that they serve.
Sage Manufacturing Solutions is one of Careware’s four core business pillars.

1. Manufacturing Solutions
2. Wholesales & Distribution Solutions
3. Project Job Cost solutions
4. Sage CRM Solutions.

Sage Accpac Manufacturing Solutions are particularly well suited for Asian manufacturers; Manufacturing oriented modules are already available; Specific set-up and templates may be easily created to satisfy a particular need; Country-specific modules are available and language packs enable non-English speaking users to access the system in Traditional Chinese or Simplify Chinese Character. (Only English and Chinese version is supported by Careware)

Careware’s has a experience to serve all kinds of manufacturing environments including discrete, process, chemical, pharmaceutical and fashion.

In this "Spotlight on Manufacturing" we would like to introduce you to the various Sage Manufacturing Solutions available.
MISys SAE - Sage Accpac Enterprise. An integrated business solution for growing small to medium sized manufactures that need the capability of the full ERP systems. It combines the ease of use and set up for quick deployment. Covering discrete, made-to-order, made-to-stock and job shops, Misys Manufacturing is designed to leverage integration across Accpac’s business solutions for the medium business range.

Misys SBM – Small Business ManufacturingMISys SBM is for small manufacturer that need a easy to ease system that is adaptable and who need a high degree of accounting functionality along with manufacturing inventory management, BOM, production scheduling and it is economical to owned. It will integrate with Sage Accpac and Sage Peachtree Quantum.

Depends on your budgets and requirement Careware can provide a solution for the small medium manufactures in Malaysia.

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