Wednesday, April 19, 2017

SAGE 300 SOLUTION : Agribusiness - Food & Beverages

SAGE 300 SOLUTION: Agribusiness - Food & Beverages
Razor-Thin Margins, Cutthroat Competition – It’s Tough out There. 

The food and beverages business operate in an environment where manufacturing, distribution and for some even cultivation are of major management concerns.  Responsiveness and delivery accuracy determines who wins and who loses a customer’s business. In a competitive market with pressure on prices resulting in low margins, cost control is imperative.

Sage 300 ERP could dramatically improve operating effectiveness and efficiencies. We may not offer it right out of the box, but it is very adaptable to a wide range of industries, and for a small and mid-sized manufacturing companies Sage 300 manufacturing suites may be a better fit financially as well as ease-of-use.
To stay in the race, you have to be able to manage these processes effectively. At CAREWARE, we understand this. That is why our end to end agribusiness & food distribution solution offers:

  • Better information visibility to improve your responsiveness and agility;
  • Better support for your customer-facing activities to ensure customer satisfaction and loyalty;
  • Improved integration and consolidation of your business process to reduce redundancy, maintenance needs and cost.
Illustration of agribusiness and its manufacturing processes.

For Illustration Only. Any resemblance to your company is by coincidence.

Some of the biggest issue in the food and beverage industry today is that of food safety and quality. As a result of growing concerns about food contamination risks and other food-related health and ethical issues, tougher standards are being implemented globally that are redefining the way imports enter some countries. Lot traceability is a unique requirement of the food distribution business. Our solution for Food and Beverage provides support for total supply chain management and accommodate the unique needs, as spoil date, RMA, Stock aging, weights and units of measurements.

Careware has successfully implemented Sage 300 for Food and Beverage industry with fully-integrated solution that is easy to install, and inexpensive to operate. It can handle all types of products and processes in the food and beverage industry.
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There are multiple licensing options; one is sure to be a perfect fit for your company.

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