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What’s New: Sage 300 ERP 2014?

Sage 300 ERP 2014
(Promises Simplicity, Convenience, and Collaboration)
Careware would like to announce the availability to the Malaysia Market the latest version of Sage 300 ERP 2014. 

The key highlights of the 2014 release include:

1. User Interface Modernization and Refresh - Improvements in the main Desktop along with throughout many application screens
2. Enhanced Desktop and Data Entry screens
 Required Fields Indicator
3. User License Management Utility - View Lanpaks users without logging in and see which users are accessing/using
4. Visual Process Flow links - Allow users to add external links to Visual Process Flows such as Macros or third party products
5. General Ledger Listing Report.6. Inventory & Serialized/Lot and BOM enhancement. 
7. Careware- Customized Malaysia GST Advance modules.

1. Redesigned Desktop and Data Entry Screens
A totally redesigned desktop in Sage 300 ERP 2014 features a new ribbon style menu at the top, a navigation tree along the left-side, and modernized buttons and icons. More than just a pretty face, the new desktop replaces complexity with a clean and simple design that saves time and helps you get more done - all without sacrificing the workflow that you’ve grown accustomed to. 
Sage 300 ERP 2014 Features a New Desktop Design Along with New Icons and Toolbars. 
In addition to desktop changes, data entry screens got a facelift and are now 30% larger along with improved column alignment. These changes are designed to create more white space which makes the screens easier on the eyes and facilitates data entry that’s faster and less distracted. 

Combined with the changes to the Desktop, the following changes give the product a fresher look.
2. New O/E Order Entry Screen:

Asterisks have been added to all the required fields. This has been a long time requested feature. These just give you a visual sign of which fields to enter, so you can avoid annoying error messages when you save or post a document.
3. Better methods to manage Lanpaks
First by letting you see what is going on without using a Lanpak and then secondly by giving you more useful information on what people are currently doing.

Further there is an option to see all the screens that they are running and the time when they started the screen.

4. Enhanced Visual Process Flows
In version 2014, we added a few new Visual Process Flows:

·   Project and Job Costing
·   Manufacturing Modules
·   Fixed Assets Modules

A customizable interface that can be helps users better the Sage 300 ERP interface
Key Benefits
  1. Helps newer user better navigate the UI
  2. Customizable; can launch specific Sage 300 ERP programs, reports, macros or other Process Flow through this view using intuitive interface
  3. Fully respects Sage 300 ERP security
It is also now possible to link elements to programs (like Excel), reports and other process flows.

5. General Ledger

The GL Transaction Listing Report now allows you to include multiple fiscal years and periods. In addition, Financial Reporter now supports Excel 2013.

6. Inventory Control
A new checkbox option will Allow Duplicate Serial Numbers for companies that have serialized inventory and lot tracking turned on. To activate this feature, navigate to the I/C Options screen.

There’s also a new Unit Cost field on the Lot Numbers Inquiry screen that displays the unit cost for items in a lot. It is calculated based on quantity of items in the lot and the total cost of the lot. To find this new field, navigate to:
IC Statistics and Inquiries > Lot Numbers Inquiry

Bill of Materials

A new field labelled “Use as Default” displays when creating a Master Number. This option allows you to set a BOM number as the default when creating assemblies and dis-assembliesYou can select and deselect this box at any time.

7. Careware- Customized Malaysia GST Advance modules.

These are some enhancement that is not catered for in standard GST in Sage 300 ERP.

GST ADVANCE- category A
1. Bad Debts Relief and Recovery
2. Reverse Charge Mechanism
3. Advance function for Mixed Mode.
--  (Input Tax Recovery Ratio for clients who falls into this category)
4. Capital Good Adjustment
5. Group Submission


About Careware:
Careware Systems is the Premier Partner of Sage and specializes in Sage 300 ERP.
Focusing in the Sage 300 Manufacturing, Sage 300 Distribution and Sage 300 Project.
Careware was awarded Sage Manufacturing Expert – Excellent award and overall Asia Top #1 Premier Partner 2007-2008, 2014 has been serving customers for over 20 years.
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