Monday, December 13, 2010

Sage Accpac Solution: Inventory Planning for Sales Distribution.

The Inventory Planning (I/P) module is an easy to use purchase planning solution for small to medium-sized trading enterprises. With I/P, trading companies can now generate full scale purchasing plans for all their inventory items.

I/P makes full use of the sales information in Accpac O/E, sales forecast information in I/P, stock data within Accpac I/C, purchase information in Accpac P/O in generating a realistic purchase plan. I/P is fully integrated with Sage Accpac’s Financial and Logistics modules. By planning ahead, I/P minimizes inventory stock, prevents item shortages leading to improvement in customer service levels. With I/P , inventory planners actually spend more time planning instead of just tracking, compiling and calculating stock requirements.

Main Features

Available to Promise (ATP)

• Allows salesmen to query and view online the available to promise quantity of selected items
• Provide stock inventory information such as on hand quantity,PO on order quantity,SO allocated quantity by location
• Displays the default sales price based on Accpac I/C
• Displays summary ustomer credit status based on AccpacA/R
• Includes a date-based sales history information
• Displays detailed item planning information for the selected item

Buyer Information

• Allows definition of unlimited number of buyers for purchased I/C materials
• Create planned purchase orders by buyer
• Generate planning inquiries by buyer

Item Planning Information

• Allows the user to define safety stock levels for each item record in I/C
• User may also define an order multiple(e.g. purchase unit)for each I/C item
• Purchase Lead Time can be maintained for each I/C item
• Option to automatically generate planned orders for selected items

Minimum Order

• Generate realistic purchase plans with minimum order quantities per item
• Minimum order levels are useful to simulate purchase economic order quantities(EOQ)and supplier minimum order requirements

Consumption of Sales Forecasts

• Sales forecasts can be inputted or imported or use during planning runs
• Actual Accpac O/E sales orders can consume user-defined salesforec as tsthus preventing excessive estimation of item demand.
• Consumption tolerance can be defined by using backward and forward consumption days

Flexible I/C Location Coverage

• User-defined I/P Distribution Networks determine the scope of purchase planning runs
• I/P Distribution Networks are used to group I/C Locations to form supply chains
• Supports unlimited number of I/P Distribution Networks

Planning Calendar

• Allows user-defined working and non-working days
• Sets the default working days for a normal week

Simplified Planning Runs

• User-friendly planning run interface requires only one click of a button to run the entire purchase planning process
• Includes option to exclude I/C stock, P/O orders, O/E orders
• Includes option to ignore minimum stock levels and work calendar

“What If” Scenarios

• Allows four(4) other planning records per Distribution Network to simulate “What If” scenarios
• Option to copy a source planning record to any target planning record

Auto Generation of Purchase Requisitions

• Planned orders can be automatically converted to P/O Requisitions via the I/P Generate PR routine
• Buyer has the option to combine or generate separate P/O Requisitions
• Buyer has the option to change order dates, due dates and order quantities for planned orders prior to generating P/O Requisitions

Reporting & Inquiries

•Purchase Planning Summary Report
•Purchase Planning Summary Report by Buyer
•Purchase Advice Report –Detailed or Summary
•Purchase Advice Report –Detailed
•Item Planning Inquiry –Detailed or Summary
•Sales Forecast vs. Actual Sales Report
AutoSimply Inventory Planning is an add-on module that facilitattes sales forecast & planning.
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