Friday, April 16, 2010

Service Manager 5.6A Released Today!

Technisoft is proud to announce the release today of Service Manager 5.6A for Sage Accpac ERP 100/200/500 5.6

Service Manager 5.6A

Service Manager 5.6A is a full major upgrade release with significant internal changes to accommodate the new features of Sage Accpac 5.6A. Service Manager 5.6A is fully compliant with all core Sage Accpac ERP 5.6A modules.

Enhancements and new features include:

• Fully accommodated the new Serialized Inventory and Lot Tracking features of IC 5.6A including the new SN and LT costing methods.

• A new usage Agreement Type has been added allowing a ($) Dollar Financial performance usage tracking function including automatic re billing when a "Threshold" level as specified is reached.

• New Budget Editor displays Budget consolidated by Phase. Compare Original Budget, Current Budget, Actual and Variance. Includes Mark-up on Cost by % options.

• New Equipment Task Listing Report

• All views have been upgraded to the 5.6A Template so they adopt current Sage Accpac ERP performance and enhancements, improved memory management, and new single stream Data Activation methods.

• Significant performance enhancements in the Multi Post and Posting Schedules programs.

• It is now possible to add multiple Internal Equipment to a job at once without the necessity of using Transfer function

• Auto Create Equipment has been significantly enhanced to minimize user intervention.

• Equipment may now be marked as Site or Internal.

• Internal Equipment and Subcontractor resources may now be assigned and managed as Job resources.

• Merged the Service Manager Day End Processing into the IC Day End Processing so the same Sequence is used.

• Comments can now be entered for each Task Activity in Document Entry.

• Added the ability to bulk update Job information after posting of Maintenance Worksheets.

• Added the test results to Maintenance Loading to show the values tested and their results.

• Meter readings are now present in the Maintenance Loading transactions.

• Enhancements to Meter Warning settings and predicted Reading options.

As many of you are aware a completely new Job Manager Scheduling and Planning tool is in development.

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