Friday, March 19, 2010

Receive Purchase Orders

Receive Purchase Orders
Help your clients get a handle on their inventory as soon as it comes through the door!

ACCU-DART will quickly and accurately update inventory levels directly into the accounting system, while verifying that the items being received are the ones ordered.
When a delivery arrives, the warehouse staff scan the items and quantities as they are receiving them.

ACCU-DART verifies in real-time that the correct items are being received, and warns the user if they attempt to over-receive. Once all items have been scanned, the user simply presses “Post” and the inventory is automatically updated into the accounting system.

♦ Manually writing down serial and lot numbers can be very time consuming and mistakes can easily be made, leading to numerous issues down the road.

♦ With the serial and lot control (add-on modules for Sage Accpac), ACCU-DART will automatically update the accounting system with the correct serial or lot information for future tracking and transactions.

♦ ACCU-DART can put-away items as they are being received into the appropriate bins (For Sage Accpac this functionality is available with the upcoming Orchid Systems’ Bin Tracking Functionality*).

By receiving purchase orders with ACCU-DART, your client’s inventory will be instantly updated into the accounting system, allowing the sales and office staff to know their exact inventory levels for making sales, ordering stock, etc.

It will appear “in stock” as soon as it’s received with ACCU-DART. No more waiting for someone to manually enter the receipt before they can sell the products.

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