Friday, December 18, 2009

Green Green Grass of home.

Every industry is going green and ICT is no exception. From green bulbs, green servers, notebooks and routers. Green the hottest colors in business marketing these days. Increasingly, customers prefer brands that use resources wisely and respect the environment.Corporation large and small are taking note and in their PR drive - pushing the “GREEN” image. They want to be associated with this cause. Even big MAC has its color change to green  But SAGE has its original color in green, an environmental friendly color image..

What about ERP and Accounting Software provider?
Going “Paperless" is what it’s recommended in order to save trees. But, we all know that ERP/Accounting is very form based, so the publicist slogan “toward a paperless office” remains a myth. In fact with the implementation of ERP the usage of paper has increase for some as automation and computers make it easy to churn out documents. So is it a lost cause?

Can Sage 300 ERP (formerly Sage Accpac) promote Green?
I believe so, as one goal is to reduce the use of paper. A paper “LESS” office is what we should be striving for. And for good reason Sage 300 ERP built-in functionalities help reduce the use of paper. By converting forms, like PO, DO, Statements, reminder letters & others into PDF format within it application and to be electronically mail out to its target recipients. This is one way to promote a paper “less” office and also reduce mailing cost.
Another way to eliminate paper is by automating paper-based processes that rely on forms, purchase requisition and approval and quotations can be electronically approval online via a automated workflows based purchasing and approval functions. So we reduce paper by automating these processes.

Transforming Paper-Based Documents

Another aspect is the use of technology to convert paper based documents, pictures, engineering plan into to digital documents. Document managements system working in tandem with a high speed scanner is the key to achieve this. Software Sage 300 3rd party solutions provided such functionalities to quickly transform these into digital documents that integrated with your Sage 300 ERP.
Business Intelligence and Analytics
Sage 300 ERP 6.0 brings Business Intelligent and Management dashboard to the desktop. Executives no longer have to print rolls of reports and sieved through them. But will know at their finger tips what’s happening to sales, collections, profitability and so on. I believe this too contribute toward a paper “less” office.

“Although a completely paperless office is not a realistic goal for us, we believe that Sage 300 ERP functionalities and together with its 3rd party application, like works flows & electronic document management and access is helping to reduce our reliance on paper and manual processes."
In Short Sage 300 ERP GREEN friendly.


  1. That's one of the best things about Sage Accpac, aside from automating and organizing business processes they significantly reduce the paperwork, thus, lessening the use of papers.

    Be it Sage CRM solutions or inventory system, management gets easier with software like this and at the same time, promotes green.

  2. @Jack

    As one of the many sage consultants, I couldn't agree more. This software really promotes green since it's all in the computer. You just have to print what you really need.

  3. As a businessman who used a multitude of Sage accounting software and as an inventory software solution developer, a GREEN office might be the wave of the future but we must still be prepared for the worse situations that can destroy all that precious data.