Saturday, December 12, 2009

Introducing ACCU-DART for AutoSimply

Introducing ACCU-DART for AutoSimply

Bring efficiency, simplicity, and accuracy to small and medium-sized manufacturers with ACCU-DART's integration with AutoSimply.

AutoSimply's Manufacturing Order (M/F) is an easy-to-use manufacturing solution. It is fully integrated with Sage Accpac ERP, and covers: manufacturing order entry, release & tracking, material issuance & return, work-in-progress tracking, consumption & scrap, MO receipt & costing, master production scheduling, material requirements planning, and MO lot tracking.

With integration with ACCU-DART, users will be able to update this essential manufacturing information directly in Sage Accpac ERP through hand-held, radio-frequency bar code scanners.

Real Time Updating - ACCU-DART allows the staff on the shop floor to instantly carry out AutoSimply's functionality. For example: when receiving assembled goods, the plant employee simply scans the goods being received, and ACCU-DART will - through AutoSimply's functionality - automatically update this information directly into the Sage Accpac system.

Direct Integration - Both ACCU-DART and AutoSimply believe strongly in direct integration: both systems read and post data directly into Sage Accpac. There is no second database to maintain, no second set of data to reconcile. This makes the solution simple and easy to use for manufacturers,

Functionality - ACCU-DART provides real-time, radio-frequency updates of AutoSimply's functionality in one module set. This includes: Issuance of Materials; Return of Materials; Receipt of Assembled Goods; and Closing MO.

By updating in real-time directly to the Sage Accpac Data, ACCU-DART and AutoSimply allow manufacturers to get control of their inventory and improve their operations.
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