Monday, September 7, 2009

Corporate Culture

Who will care for the children?

We believe our corporate character is defined by our actions both at work and in our communities. Thanks to the efforts of our founder & Managing Director, Careware has a history of social responsibilities specifically aimed at helping children succeed.

The results have been euphoric. Many of these children are from very poor family from the squatters’ house of Kuala Lumpur, which lack the basic amenities. Many of these children are not send to school. Some of them are from Tamil school and because of their living conditions are not regularly attending classes and not performing up to par with others.

But the most meaningful and significant benefit has been building something that is far greater than us by helping to positively transform the lives of children. We believe we are better for it.
We are truly committed to making a difference in children lives. And we take our commitments seriously.

Belief Statements

• We believe in going the extra mile for our customers
• We believe in striving for excellence
• We believe in realizing dreams through teamwork
• We believe in tolerance & fairness between one another
• We believe in human dignity & individual strength
• We believe in kinship & in helping one another in time of difficulties
• We believe in contributing back to society

(Our MD Teaching English to the squarters children)

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